Since 1952, Martin Roofing has applied thousands of roofing systems in WNY. As a second-generation contractor, Martin Roofing has provided many family’s roofing with integrity throughout the decades. Many of our customers call Martin Roofing because their parents and grandparents called Martin Roofing. We offer a wide range of performance-proven shingles, backed with solid manufacturer warranties.

As a sensible homeowner, you will understand the importance of the regular upkeep of your home roof. You will do a routine checkup to identify any issues and take actions to prevent them before they become major issues. If you find your roof needs repair, you can call us for the repair work to keep your roof in good condition. However, there comes a time when simply repairing the roof will not solve your problems or keep your roof intact. It is a fact that your roof will need a replacement after a few years depending upon the installation, roofing materials used, and the regular maintenance you have performed. At Martin Roofing Services, our roofing specialists will find the extensive damage or wear and tear and will decide whether you should replace your roof or not.

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Great people. Very easy to work with, roof looks great and they did it in 1 day. As a first time homeowner ive never had to deal with anything like this but honestly they made it VERY easy. Highly recommend

Micah J.